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We Are Animals

What gives us the right?


“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

-Charles Darwin

Nonprofit media organization Lady Freethinker is working with Amazon award-winning filmmaker Nicholas Tana to create WE ARE ANIMALS, a documentary exposing the latest discoveries on animal emotions and behavior, and the striking ways in which human and nonhuman animals are the same, asking the question:

If people are animals too, what right do we have to harm other species— and what rights do we all share?

The film explores the front lines of the exploding animal rights movement — poised to be the next sweeping social justice movement of our time — and takes a candid look at our historical treatment of animals as property, pets, tools, transportation, food, and for scientific experimentation.

Through a series of compelling interviews with activists, authors, nutritionists, sociologists, psychiatrists, scientists, writers, religious figures, politicians, and everyday people, WE ARE ANIMALS reveals cutting-edge thought in animal science and explores how newfound knowledge of animal sentience could — or should — shape our everyday choices.

From religious figures who believe animals are sacred and have a soul, to those who believe animals were put on this earth to serve humankind, differing viewpoints within related communities are carefully examined.

Through on-camera interviews, historical footage, and relevant movie clips from films and TV shows, which have helped to shape our view of animals today, WE ARE ANIMALS exposes the many ways in which people have come to depend on animals, while probing the potential perils of ignoring our treatment of them.